Jürgen Moltmann beim Welttreffen der Reformierten Kirchen.


The “living God” challenges death and destruction, Jürgen Moltmann tells global gathering of Reformed churches

Without a vision for the future, new scientific and technological possibilities will be used for the death and destruction of humanity, according to German theologian Jürgen Moltmann, speaking at a global assembly of Reformed churches…

In the statement, “the ‘God of capitalism’ is met with the confession of the living God,” Moltmann said, “and the call for justice for the poor and the Earth is raised globally in addressing economic and financial ‘globalization’.”

Yet he warned that a concern for the victims of injustice was lacking at the centre of Reformation theology. “We pray ‘forgive us our sins,’ but where are the victims of our sinful action?” Moltmann asked. “The first issue is not the penitence of the perpetrators but the pain of the victims,” he said.

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